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Gai Qi’s facial mask is covered with frost after 10 minutes outside. [Photo provided to China Daily]

It’s -50.4 C in Hulunbuir, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region. A policewoman braves brutal cold to regulate traffic. In 10 minutes of work, her facial mask is covered with frost.

During this latest cold front, the temperature in Hulunbuir, northern China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, has continuously hit record lows. It dropped to -50.4 C on Tuesday.

Gai Qi, a traffic policewoman, continues to brave the brutal cold to regulate traffic. She wears two pairs of cotton-padded trousers, one cotton-padded coat and a big down jacket.

But it’s still tough to fight the extreme cold. After being outside only 10 minutes, her facial mask is covered in frost.

“As a traffic policewoman, it is my duty to maintain the traffic order,” she said.

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